LA rides 1 Provides Luxury Transport And Most Comfortable Rides Experience In LA

LA rides 1 offers car rental and  riding tours in LA California led by experienced drivers. We have a variety of routes available through scenic Hollywood walk of fame  and Beverly hills. Our drivers are well-trained, and we offer rides suitable for riders of all levels. We prioritize safety and provide all necessary privacy. Our team is passionate about car transport services and dedicated to creating a fun and riding experience for our guests.

from $ 180 hour
State of the art technology with standard features such as Apple CarPlay

from $ 180 hour
Providing high quality service. Available for rent and riding in Los Angels

from $ 180 hour
Unforgettable power and comfort luxury experience on the road.

from $ 180 hour
Thrilling driving experience with powerful engine & advanced technology features.

from $ 180 hour
We aim at providing a unique and luxurious experience for passengers.

from $ 180 hour
Cruising through city streets or embarking on a scenic drive, a ride

Ride To Destinations
With Maximum Comfort

finest transport
No Delays

Easy to locate and designed to respond to queries and provide helpful assistance as quickly as possible. Dependable rides for all transport needs.

Premium Support

Personalised attention and faster response times to inquiries. Access to a dedicated support that is available with a higher level of service and assistance 24/7.

High Quality

Providing a fun, thrilling and safe experience for our riders. Offering unique features with an optimal excitement considering every detail carefully.

A Diverse Selection

We offer car different car choices in terms of brands, color and age. Our customer satisfaction, loyalty and choice makes our customers feel satisfied and valued.

We Care Of Your Safety
And Convenience

Premium drivers

Skilled drivers with excellent driving skills and exceptional communication abilities . Reliable and professional drivers with vast knowledge of different routes and able to navigate challenging situations such as traffic congestion and committed to deliver excellent services


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Our Proffesional Drivers

Meet our team
Alex Lubega
Irene Taylor
Grace Kakande

Premium Cars Rental & Rides

Only the best

Offers premium vehicles for rent and riding, including luxury cars, SUVs, and limousines. Airport transportation services to and from all major airports,

Years of experience

Satisfied clients

We strive to meet the needs
of our clients and we value their
opinions about our work

Clean & Comfortable

The car was comfortable, relaxing and interiors seats, carpets, and windows were free from dirt and grime.

Gloria Foles Los Angels
Pleasant Journey

The trip was enjoyable enjoyable, comfortable and without any major disruptions.

Eloin Malone Auburn
Safety & Comfort

It was a smooth, clean, safe professional driving, stress-free and comfortable ride.

Madison Edwar Beverly Hills

A High Variety Of Options For Rides

Best possibilities


40 $
  • Safe clean & quality
  • Comfortable seats
  • Entertainment systems




50 $
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Best possible Experience
  • Personalised attention


70 $
  • Luxurious experience
  • Comfort and elegance
  • State of the art technology


80 $
  • Conduct business 
  • Privacy and control
  • High level of safety

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